Change Capabilities Training Program

Change Capabilities: Bringing change concepts to life with a unique learning experience from experts in the field.

Mariner’s Change Capabilities Program is an easily accessible, virtual instructor- led training program facilitated by experienced Change Management practitioners who are actively working in the field, and will help you apply change management concepts within the context of your industry, project, or role.

Mariner’s Change Capabilities Program includes a series of courses, designed to be taken together or separately, depending on each participant/organization’s needs.

Our virtual instructor-led approach allows you to interact with your instructors, colleagues, and peers from all around the world, live from your personal computer anywhere you have an internet connection. No additional materials or equipment are required.

Our courses are designed to provide basic and advanced change management instruction, to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of individual professional development needs. This interactive and engaging training program will be of specific interest to all leaders as well as change management, project management, human resources, and business process professionals who are often asked to participate in or lead change initiatives.

Our Fundamentals of Change Management course is delivered over three working days, or 21 instructional hours.  Our specialization courses are designed to be delivered in one working day, or seven instructional hours.  All of our courses can accommodate delivery over a number of weeks based on demand.

Pre-register now! Courses begin in June 2020

  1. Fundamentals of Change Management
  2. Facilitating Leadership Alignment
  3. Integrating Change Management into Project Management Plans and Practices
  4. Change Management Assessments
  5. Creating Effective Change Management Strategies and Plans

If you are interested in registering for an upcoming course or would like to request a customized offering specific to your industry or sector, please click here.


Payment and Fees

Individual course fees start at $650 CAD.

Note: All prices are plus applicable taxes and are subject to change. Payment of course fees is required at time of registration through a secure online payment method, after course registration is complete.

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