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IT teams face many demands: keeping up with technological change, ensuring business continuity and security, and carefully managing costs.

The Professional Services team at Mariner Innovations can help. From strategic consulting to implementation and ongoing management and maintenance, our team of experienced IT professionals can provide the support and services you need. That’s why Mariner Innovations has become a trusted partner to many businesses, governments, and other organizations in North America.

Mariner Innovations’ professional services are focused on key areas, critical to your business: Technology Advisory, Solution Delivery, Data & Analytics, IT Professional Services, Change Management and Security Solutions.

Technology Advisory

The traditional view of IT as cost center is rapidly changing. Mariner can help transform your IT function into a key value engine for your business.


Solution Delivery

Resources and expertise to develop a new application, modernize or extend the functionality of an existing application, or migrate your business processes and data assets to a new application.


Data & Analytics

Leveraging data assets to drive revenue, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.


IT Professional Services

Mariner delivers top IT talent through a variety of flexible models so that our clients always have access to the right advice, skills, and support.


Change Management

Helping our clients assess and build internal change management capabilities.


Security Solutions

Providing a  comprehensive suite of information security services, we’ll analyze your organization’s unique needs, determine how a security breach could affect your business and create a customized plan to mitigate risk and to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of a breach.



our company

In a world of increasing complexity, Mariner Innovations solves problems for businesses and their IT departments. We specialize in providing IT Professional Services across multiple industries.

Our Professional Services team is made up of experienced IT professionals, many of whom previously held CTO or CIO roles in large businesses. We have an average of 23 years of industry experience for every person on our team. From strategy, to implementation, to ongoing management, our Professional Services team has become a trusted partner to our clients.


At Mariner Innovations, we provide world-leading solutions and exceptional service for our global client base. We hire talented, positive people who do good work and like to have fun. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and an environment that encourages continuous innovation, improvement, and team spirit.

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