Organizational Change Management 

The new measure of success today is ongoing and agile organizational change. Our experienced and certified change practitioners work with your leaders and teams to achieve sustainable results by helping you build the internal capabilities needed to become a change-able organization. It is a game-changer for your organization, your people, and the value you deliver to your customers. This is where we do our best work.

Organizational Change Readiness

Assess and evaluate the readiness of your people for change and build a strong and aligned foundation through all levels of leadership. Develop your change strategy and plan to prepare your organization for future change while addressing gaps, needs, risks and expanding internal capabilities.

Change Capabilities Development & Training

Build capabilities. Engage with our certified change management practitioners in courses to equip your team with applied knowledge and skills to maximize and sustain business outcomes.

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Enterprise Change Management Office (CMO)

Mariner’s change practitioners will work with your internal leaders to establish your enterprise change management office (CMO) or program. Build and embed best practices and change management industry standards throughout organizational and project activities, while ensuring the value and benefits of each approach outlined in the change program and implementation is understood.

Industry Standard Benchmarking

Benchmark your current change management skills, practices, and methodologies against industry standards and best practices.

Change Management Advisory

Leverage our certified change management practitioners to support the execution of your change strategy and plans, build your own change team or integrate change practices into existing teams, practices and methodologies to foster adoption and realize organizational benefits.

Workflow Optimization

Identify efficiencies, eliminate barriers, and critically assess your organization’s strategies, processes, and performance using Business Process Improvement (BPI) industry standards, integrated with change management.


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The global market is changing at an unprecedented rate, disrupting industries and accelerating the
need for innovation and agility.

Empower change that matters. Act on your business transformation today.