Infrastructure and Cloud

Maximize your infrastructure and cloud investment, scale up capabilities, capture the value for cloud services, and optimize your IT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure

Your business can only perform as well as your IT Infrastructure. Ensure your infrastructure can maintain pace with your rapidly changing business requirements and enable transformative growth. Explore Mariner’s infrastructure services.

IT Infrastructure and Application Assessment

Assess your current IT infrastructure and applications to develop a customized solution for your enterprise that will modernize IT infrastructure/applications to meet core and evolving business requirements.

IT Infrastructure Plan (Strategy / Roadmap)

Build your integrated IT Infrastructure strategy and roadmap to optimize your IT environment, support business goals, and accelerate your digital transformation.

Business Application Implementation

With demonstrated experience designing and deploying hybrid and online MS Exchange, WordPress, MS Teams, MS SharePoint, databases, CRM, and Microsoft 365 stack, Mariner can help you deliver a seamless implementation of key business applications across your enterprise.

Micro-Segmentation Services

Protect your IT infrastructure and applications by leveraging our micro-segmentation services to create increasingly granular secure zones in data centers and cloud deployments to secure each individual workload separately.

Application Portfolio Assessment and Transformation

Engage our experts to perform a comprehensive assessment of your enterprise application portfolio. Based on our assessment, we can provide customized solutions to help you rationalize your applications against industry standards and best practices.

Hybrid Architecture Deployment

Design and implement hybrid architectures for an optimal mix of on-premise, virtual, and cloud-based IT environments, based on business needs, regulatory or compliance requirements, cost optimization strategy, and total cost of ownership (TCO) targets.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Define a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy and plan and implement BCP and IT DRP solutions that meet your business requirements.

Cloud Capabilities

We believe cloud capabilities are at the heart of your digital transformation. Let us help maximize your cloud investment, scale up cloud capabilities and truly capture the value of cloud. No matter where you are on your cloud journey, Mariner can help you get there. Explore our platform agnostic cloud services.

Cloud Assessment

Leverage the industry-leading cloud adoption framework to analyze and assess your enterprise IT environment and determine overall readiness to make your move to the cloud.

Migration Strategy and Plan

Drive your cloud journey with a value-driven strategy. We will assess your business needs and develop a customized cloud migration strategy to optimally meet business requirements, capture value from the cloud, and deliver an actionable plan to get you there.

Cloud Awareness and Training

Leverage our experts to deliver customized cloud training for your enterprise and equip your teams with the knowledge required to increase awareness and drive cloud adoption.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your workloads to the cloud quickly, securely, and aligned to industry standard best practices.

Cloud Native Development

Build and run custom cloud solutions and scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments, to quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality.

Cloud Reviews

Leverage our cloud experts to conduct a cloud review for your enterprise. Our team specializes in evaluating key functional areas in your business against industry best practices in cloud, including ‘Well Architected,’ Billing, and Security reviews.

Cloud Management and Optimization

Manage the cloud with automated processes, compliance, governance, and optimization practices to capture the full value of the cloud.

DevOps, DevSecOps and Automation

Obtain additional benefits from the cloud to enable your DevOps culture, practice, and tools, and incorporate security in all stages starting from design onwards and increase automation to reduce/eliminate manual intervention.


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