Agile Delivery Services

As the market changes, so do your customer’s preferences. Ensure your organization can adapt to these changes. Adopt new ways of working by scaling and accelerating enterprise-level agile or integrate agile practices into key projects to achieve incremental value, faster.

Mariner will work with you to ensure a custom agile delivery service offering, tailored to your transformation needs.

Agile Advisory and Training

Assess, integrate, and scale agile within your organization to deliver incremental value, faster. Our certified agile experts can add capabilities to your agile delivery or DevOps teams, provide agile coaching on industry standards and best practices, or train your leadership, staff, and project resources on the fundamentals of agile.

Enterprise Agile Program

Assess your organization’s readiness and ensure the proper customization of agile principles required to set up your agile program. Our certified agile practitioners will assist you in building the proper foundation and integrate agile practices directly into your IT strategy, business model and projects.

Agile Benchmarking

Assess your current agile practices against industry standards and best practices to ensure your teams are delivering incrementally and realizing value sooner.

The global market is changing at an unprecedented rate, disrupting industries and accelerating the
need for innovation and agility.

Empower change that matters. Act on your business transformation today.