The Energy industry is extremely volatile and competitive, and companies in this industry need to leverage IT to be more competitive. Mariner Innovations brings its strong IT professional services experience in a wide range of specialty areas to help you maximize your business potential.

Our experience in this industry is vast, servicing companies in the fields of oil, gas, and more. Mariner also has a strategic partnership with industry innovator SHIFT Energy — a company that was incubated within the Mariner Group of companies.

Mariner Innovations has helped energy companies map the path to the future by helping them identify new ways to address internal and external requirements faster, easier, cheaper, and more conveniently.

Sample Project Experience:

  • Electrical Distribution System Operator Strategic Plan
  • Home & Commercial Energy Management R&D
  • Infrastructure Migration for ISO-9002 Plant
  • ITIL Process Improvement
  • Network & Security Audit
  • Refinery Asset Management System
  • Nuclear Station Simulator Upgrades
  • Application Migrations
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