With our aging population and growth in chronic diseases, the current methods used to provide healthcare services are not sustainable from a cost and a patient satisfaction perspective. If you are in this industry and you want to optimize health outcomes and reduce your costs, IT can enable you to achieve this.

Mariner Innovations can help you envision and set your strategic targets, identify the business outcomes required to achieve them, plan and execute a complete solution development lifecycle, and provide full operational support including outsourcing and export possibilities.

Mariner’s ultimate goal is to enable you to achieve your business objectives. With our focus on innovation, Mariner leverages its management consulting and IT expertise to approach challenges in new and exciting ways. We work with our clients to create methodologies and solutions to address the requirements of all care continuums – from primary care and chronic disease management to remote care delivery – utilizing a ‘patients first’ philosophy.

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Sample Project Experience:

  • Identity Management and Portal Design
  • Large, Integrated Hospital IS Deployment
  • Disease Management System
  • Medical Claims Administration
  • WAN/LAN Design and Deployment
  • Telehealth Strategies and Solutions
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