Change Management

Mastering Change

Mariner works with clients to help them become a change-able organization. Our Change Management Specialists work with clients who are implementing change to help them:

  • reduce delays and increase efficiencies through coordinated engagement of stakeholders
  • increase morale and engagement of stakeholders impacted by changes
  • accelerate adoption, utilization and performance of new processes and practices
  • reduce turnover of employees during transition periods
  • increase creditability and trust in leadership
  • realize benefits and return on investments sooner
  • build and sustain capabilities within your organization to manage change successfully

Mariner’s practice is led by an industry-recognized Certified Change Management ProfessionalTM and supported by a team of certified Change Management Specialists with over three decades of experience.

Helping our clients assess and build internal
change management capabilities

Mariner’s Change Management Practice is built on industry standards and best practices to help organizations master change and achieve exemplary outcomes. This is accomplished by working alongside all levels of your organization to support and equip them with the change management skills and competencies needed to achieve organizational goals.

Our Change Management Master Program provides comprehensive services, including:

  • Developing a solid foundation for change with leaders; clarifying and aligning vision, roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s change maturity, i.e. readiness and capability for change
  • Building expertise within project, lines of business and leadership teams that will embed the principles of change activities
  • Developing plans to ensure measures and strategies are put in place so employees and stakeholders are more equipped to manage the transition and positioned for long-term success
  • Reviewing the outcomes to facilitate the organization’s continued growth, building change capabilities for future initiatives

Learning through practice, your team and leaders will master the skills required to lead and support change to ensure the sustainability of the change and build capacity to become a change-able organization.

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