Cybersecurity Bulletin: Prevent Phishing and Other Cyber Attacks

Mar 28, 2020 | Cybersecurity Bulletin, Cybersecurity & Risk Management, Technology

CYBERSECURITY BULLETIN – Mariner’s cybersecurity practice has been adapting to the new reality related to this pandemic and, in order to maintain social distancing, we have developed a new remote testing service where we can now ship a configured testing laptop to a client site and access it through cellular in order to conduct testing on-site but without sending a person.

The phishing, spear phishing, telephone and text-based cyberattack attempts related to COVID-19 have increased. Be cautious about anything you see or receive that is asking you to help fight COVID-19 by sending money (or BitCoin type currency or gift cards).

A recent survey of internet browsers has resulted in a rating of the various available web browsers based on their ability to protect the privacy of the browser user; the number one rated browser for protecting privacy is one you might not have heard of – Brave. Microsoft’s browser ranked last and Chrome and Firefox both ranked third. Another related survey recommended using DuckDuckGo as a preferred Internet search engine if you wanted to protect your privacy while searching online.

Blockchain, the technology that forms the engine on e-currencies such as BitCoin, has been making inroads into the realm of cybersecurity and a relative newcomer to the field of Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Orchid VPN, has adopted blockchain technology as a means of protecting the connection between two VPN endpoints. An exciting development in the world of VPN and a great stride forward in security for this technology.

Secure your home WiFi network today! With ‘work from home’ becoming a way of life during this pandemic, it is important to ensure your home internet is as secure as you can make it. I would suggest the following:

  • ensure you have antivirus software on all of your computers and laptops and consider an antivirus software that also supports your tablets and smartphones and keep this software up to date
  • speaking of updates, keep your devices and computers up to date on their updates
  • if you have security cameras, NEST devices for heat control, connected lights, etc., then consult the user’s manual and ensure you have enabled as much security on these devices as possible
  • consider purchasing a Next-Generation Firewall/Router for your home network and look for one with built-in antivirus and active threat detection.

Here’s hoping you are all handling the social distancing well!



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