Mariner Security Solutions

Mariner Security Solutions

Information security is a huge concern today and it’s a rapidly growing risk. The economic cost of cybercrime has risen from $400 billion in early 2015 to over $3 trillion today. The World Economic Forum and Cybersecurity Ventures expect it to rise to $6 trillion by 2021.

Cyber criminals will attack any system and organization where they can make a profit. Cyber criminals are professional and they stand to make a huge profit by extorting your business, regardless of its size and location.

The negative impact of a security breach to operations, reputation and profitability is significant and it impacts all organizations, large and small.

71% of organizations surveyed by Vanson Bourne believe the shortage of cybersecurity skills does direct and measurable damage, while 25% reported that insufficient cybersecurity staff has damaged their organization’s reputation and led directly to the loss of proprietary data.

Awareness of security issues is moving beyond the CIO’s office and into the boardroom. Despite this, according to a survey commissioned by the Nasdaq, 90% of C-suite executives and non-executive directors report that they’re not prepared for a cyber attack. Consumers are also increasingly concerned about information security. According to RSA, 91% said they prefer an online service provider who makes security visible to them.

61% of CEOs worry about security’s impact on company growth.” 19th Annual Global CEO Survey (PwC)

With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and severity, now is the time to get ahead of information security challenges.

  • Data is growing rapidly – doubling in size every two years.
  • The average organization now shares documents with 826 external domains and organizations. 16% of documents uploaded contain highly sensitive, often regulated data.
  • Each day, 17 new vulnerabilities are added to the United States’ National Vulnerability Database (NVD).
  • Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report found that 99.9% of breaches occur more than a year after the vulnerability was first identified, meaning most cybercrime can be prevented by staying current with information security best practices.

Mariner Security Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of information security services. We’ll analyse your organization’s unique needs, determine how a security breach could affect your business and create a customized plan to mitigate risk and to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of a breach.

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