CISO As A Service

CISO As A Service

The lack of adequate cybersecurity talent is not a localized problem – it’s a global concern affecting organizations of all sizes across all industries.

82% of organizations reported an inability to hire adequate cybersecurity IT professionals. Vanson Bourne on behalf of Intel Security.

It will take years to address the skills gap in cybersecurity. In the meantime, your organization is left struggling to find enough talent, paying a premium if you manage to find a cybersecurity professional, and facing a high risk of cyber attack if you don’t.

We offer a better alternative. Mariner’s CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) as a Service provides clients with an experienced, qualified senior security professional and support team on demand or on a regularly scheduled basis without the expense or overhead of hiring full time.

Our CISO as a Service includes:

  • Mentoring new or junior information security staff.
  • Reviewing security policies and procedures annually to ensure continuous improvement of your organization’s security.
  • Reviewing internal security reports (test reports, risk assessments, security plans, etc.) and feedback from an external non-biased and qualified viewpoint.
  • Planning & preparing for and managing a security audit.

The benefits of CISO as a Service include:

  • Years of qualified and applied security industry experience without the people investment.
  • A trusted advisor for in-house security leadership for both strategy and execution
  • Support less experienced staff in dealing with the complexities of today’s security issues.
  • Accelerated organizational learning and maturing of the security function.

Even if you have a full-time cybersecurity professional on staff, the ever-evolving threat landscape can quickly exceed the technical and management capabilities of a single staff member. Mariner provides the coverage of security leadership but at a cost that is tailored to your business. For a comprehensive security solution, CISO as a Service can be combined with a customized end-to-end Mariner Risk Management Program and Seminars and Training for your staff to meet all of your organization’s security needs.

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