The ROI of Effective Change Management

Jul 3, 2020 | Change Management, Transformation

Companies around the world are implementing new systems, procedures, and organizational changes, driven by rapidly evolving business demands. These changes generally represent a significant investment.

Effectively rolling out new processes and systems does not happen by accident – it is the result of a clear, carefully planned change management process that ensures a team is well informed and prepared about both the “why” and “how” of the new ways of doing things.

Successfully rolling out new ways of doing business is mission-critical, particularly when they are changes that must happen quickly due to the realities of a new business threat or a pandemic like COVID-19. Change is often not something that can be deferred or delayed – for many businesses, it is happening now, whether they like it or not.

Given the expense of launching new processes and platforms, both in dollars and time, a good change management process ensures organizations achieve their return on investment. In fact, building change management capacity in your business is one of the wisest investments you can make in this uncertain time. An effective change management process is like insurance on expenditures made for new processes and systems. It will reduce the probability of significant loss and increase the probability of gains and returns.

Embedding effective organizational approaches to change management is not easy.  The concepts are not difficult but understanding how to embed these practices into operations and work cultures is often challenging for busy organizations.

Mariner’s Change Management practice team can help. Our team of experienced Change Management professionals have real-world, in-the-field experience to share.  We can work directly with you to put change practices into action quickly or help you develop the skills to do it yourself.

We have also developed a virtual, instructor-led change management training program that gives participants the understanding and skills needed to manage organizational change where they are. For the C-suite to project management, HR, business process, and a host of other positions, this training is essential to navigating our increasingly complicated world.

Mariner was recently granted Qualified Education ProviderTM status by the Association of Change Management Professionals® for our Fundamentals of Change Management course. This course provides end-to-end learning on industry standards and best practices in change management. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer with audio and video capability to participate. This is not boring recorded lectures – it is practical, hands-on, real-time learning that will help your organization survive and thrive through business transformation. Participants will learn with other professionals around the world how to deliver the return on investment businesses demand.

Interested? Our next course session is scheduled in July. Space is limited, so do not delay.



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